Process Steps




Only one classroom lab is shown for this narrow bay-width. It is combined with the standard 36-foot wide shop.




Depending on your program, various support spaces may be needed in addition to the technology education classroom lab and shop. Included on this site are computer laboratories and a teachers’ office. Additional storage space might be another need.

Computer Lab

Some programs require a dedicated computer lab, usually a resource shared by other departments in the school. Computer labs shown on this site are sized for twenty-four students with a teacher’s desk, demonstration computer, and audio-visual control station. There is adequate wall space for whiteboard and a projection screen.

Teachers’ Office

Providing offices for teachers has become a common procedure. A teacher needs a place to work and meet with students and colleagues. Offices are especially critical when labs are assigned to more than one teacher, rather than being the teacher’s home base. A shared office, for 6 teachers, is shown in the diagrams. Each teacher has a desk, a side chair, book shelving, and a file cabinet.