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Below is a list of websites that discuss specific safety issues in greater detail.


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Overcrowding/ Overcrowding & Liability - Class size is a Safety Issue! Safety in SWT Science Education.
Space Considerations School Facilities Standards, Minimum SF Reqs. Safety in SWT Science Education.
Overcrowding in the Science Laboratory Flinn Scientific, Inc.
Lab Design Safety in SWT Science Education.
Laboratory Science Safety Guide - Arkansas Schools (PDF) Arkansas Department of Education
Working Conditions for Secondary Science Teachers National Science Teachers Association
ASE Policy Statement : Class Size Association for Science Education
Safety Concerns and Emergency Laboratory Equipment School Improvement in Maryland
General Safety Tips Accidents in Texas High School Chemistry Labs Safety in SWT Science Education.
Laboratory Safety Guidelines: 40 Steps to a Safer Laboratory The Laboratory Safety Institute
45 Ideas, Tips, and Hints to Help Design Safe, Efficient Chem Labs Flinn Scientific, Inc.
Safety - Proven solutions to science safety problems Flinn Scientific, Inc.
Role of Laboratory and Field Instruction in Biology Education National Association of Biology Teachers
An NSTA Position Statement - Laboratory Science National Science Teachers Association
Laboratory Safety Manual (PDF) University of Texas EH&S Hazardous Materials Division
Safety & Compliance Directory (PDF) Lab Safety Resources
Signs & Labels Regulatory Guide (PDF) Lab Safety Resources
Compliance, Technical, and Training relating to specific topic Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Science Safety Manual School Improvement in Maryland
General Instructions Howard Hughes Medical Institute Laboratory Safety Program
Fume Hood Safety Cornell University Environmental Health & Safety
OUS Guidelines for Space Allocation Oregeon State University Space Standards and Objectives
Safety Products Environmentally Preferrable Paints Minimize Harm, Maximize Savings (PDF) Aberdeen Proving Ground Study
Standard for occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Commercial Adhesives: Environmental Evaluation and Proposed Environmental Standard Green Seal
Laboratory Building Design Update - Fume Hood Scrubbers: Part III - Gas-Phase and Particulate Filtration Systems Hitchings Associates, PC
Suppliers of Lab Safety Equipment Lab Safety Resources
Equipment Selection & Compliance Directory Lab Safety Resources/EZ Facts Safety Info
Lab Furniture Lab Casework Hanson Lab
Kelvin® New Standards Millennium Labs™ Kelvin.Com
Suppliers of Lab Chairs ErgoWeb
Lab Furniture and Equipment LOC Scientific, Inc.
Lab Equipment Online Magazine for Laboratory Equipment Labinternet Online Magazine
Laboratory Equipment at Discount prices for Educational Institutions Laboratorymart
Online Magazine for Laboratory Equipment Literature Laboratory Equipment Online
New High School Equipment List by Discipline (PDF) Sargent Welsh